Let's shake the market

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What is Pocket?

  • A new vision
  • A disruptive technology
  • A market shaker

The power of Data

  • No need to sign contracts
  • No need to have customers
  • No need of investment
  • No need of trainings
  • No need of ...

How does it work?

Let's see an example with a cellphone

Pocket central

What can I do with this data?

  • Load Nubeprint CPS platform
  • Load other MPS solution
  • Load my ERP
  • Load my own BI software
  • Just check it on my smartphone or any device

Pocket deployment

  • PlayStore
  • QR Code
  • Marketing strategics
  • The Race of market players
  • ...


(for yesterday)

  • Naming, web, GDPR, domains, doc
  • Tests and controlled deployment
  • Tune Marketing strategic
  • Tune Commercial product