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PANEL automates the management of MPS allowing not to lose focus on what really matters

(yes, profit)

These are just words ...

or not?

Let's see a common example

A user wants to move a printer
from one MPS contract to another
where is my button to move it?
Before pressing the "Move button", we should answer few questions:

  • What about the invoicing? Should we close the invoice, starting a new one?
  • Are new init counters auto-calculated or fixed?
  • What should happen with the current alerts?
  • Is the inventory data still valid? (addresses, contacts...)
  • Should the historical details be hidden? (some apps, Cloud)
  • Profitability, performance indicators, ratios...
  • And what about...?

Ok, don't worry...
I have time and knowledge to answer everything

  • How to revert errors on invoicing?
  • How to revert negative counters?
  • How to update inventory details before my customer has access?
  • How to undo-redo-undo-do?
  • And what about...

How to do it with PANEL?

When you retire a printer from a Customer...
just retire it from PANEL

PANEL cares about everything

  1. A Retired device does not count into your license until you put it in production again
  2. The Retired device is automatically moved to the right contract when it is read again
  3. Counters, invoicing, inventory, alerts, historical, indicators, ratios, CPM configuration, etc are controlled and safe

This was just an example ...

  • Virtual Level Sensor
  • MAC instead of Serial Number
  • High Resolution Levels
  • Thresholds in days Management
  • CPM flavours
  • ...

How to acquire knowledge?

  1. A support leader
  2. A good Knowledge Database
  3. Assist to Webinars and Training sessions

Thank you very much!