MPS Compliance

The MPS COMPLIANCE and the Reseller’s profit.

  • MPS compliance is the ability of the printer or copier to provide the necessary data which is required to provide remote service.
  • The role of a managed print service provider is far more complex than it looks. It is surrounded by uncertainty on the controlling costs. The majority of the current literature addresses the visible costs. But these are only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Hidden costs are responsible for many resellers having a negative P&L on their  MPS activities. These costs are accountable for resellers not knowing their operating  profit per printer / contact / customer, or for having a weaker profit than expected.
  • The analysis and effective utilization of printer data is the change agent from a traditional selling model to a managed print service model for the Reseller.
  • The observation of the data collected from printers is endlessly surprising.


The compliance of a printer


is measured by identifying:


    • The lack of data
    • Incomplete data (how sufficient or complete it is)
    • Data consistency
    • Data is self-comprehensive

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