MPS Yield Technology

“YIELD” technology applied to MPS Business: Nubeprint´s Predictability Outcome Technology.

In year 2011, Nubeprint defines the concept “MPS Compliance”, that identifies the level of reliability of each printer model to be managed from remote, automatically in a proactive way” (MPS Compliance report).

Nubeprint´s technology solves all major issues associated with MPS by providing a reliable remote, proactive and automated management of print devices. Accuracy and Reliability for Predictability.

Predictability Outcome Technology:

  • Accuracy: identify and solves inefficiencies such as wrong data or lack of data even from print devices that do not provide granular (%) consumable levels.              
  • Reliability: Nubeprint’s first in industry “Artificial Intelligence” accurately identifies and interprets the behavior of each individual print device in its real world environment.
  • Predictability: With this awareness, the system automatically makes proactive decisions on behalf of the MPS provider, delivering secure and on-time consumable, parts and service alerts, at the same time triggering the service and procurement processes.
  • Assessment: use accurate information to take valid decisions.
  • Hidden costs are identified, managed and minimized by Nubeprint.
  • Access to all the accurate and reliable information about the customers printing environment:
    • Devices under-used or over-used.
    • What devices are optimal for the customer way of printing /what not.
    • Identify what devices are optimal for the customer printing behavior and environment and which ones are not.
    • Identify skus that are meeting or not meeting performance expectations.
    • Accurately anticipate short term inventory needs.
    • Accurately project and plan 12 months in advance your supply needs.