Review Your Costs Again!

Are you sure you are not leaving money on the table with your current MPS “monitoring” tool?

Review your current costs, again.

                                                                     How much time and/or money do you spend on:…?

  • Invoicing the page counters monthly
  • Calls to customers to grab counters
  • Customer calls to order consumables
  • Filtering alerts as to not duplicate shipments to customers
  • Customer calls for service
  • Technician’s repetitive visits to solve one incident
  • Warehouse stock costs (underage and overage)
  • Keeping a stock of supplies at your customer


  • How much toner does your customer throw away?
  • How many toner cartridges get lost or stolen on their way to the printer or copier?
  • How much time do you spend on completing spreadsheets to register shipments for each printer or copier? Is it really effective?  Doesn’t make more common sense to have an automatic end-to-end follow-up of every single cartridge?
  • Do you worry about the environmental impact of printing?
  • How do you ensure that the resources you ship to your customer are used with responsibility?

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See how much Nubeprint technology can reduce your costs and make your business grow.


  1. 8% reduction on duplicate consumable shipments lost.
  2. 8,33% reduction on uncontrolled stock at the customer site.
  3. 10 % reduction on toner thrown away when replacing a cartridge.
  4. 28 % reduction on unnecessary technical visits.
  5. 70%-80% reduction of customer calls for service and supplies.
  6. 100% recuperation of used cartridges for environmental respectful disposal.

Nubeprint’s cutting edge technology automatically measures and controls this for you. It enables you to excel beyond your competitors, maximize profitability and provide the best services available.